What is Prayer?

Prayer is as natural as breathing. It flows through every part of our Christian life. Prayer is a continual conversation between God and us. It is where we meet with God, get to know Him, hear from Him, draw strength for daily living, make space for Him to work in our lives and transforming us into His image. It is where we bring our worship to Him, our thanksgiving, anxieties and requests. (See Ephesians 6.18) In short, prayer is doing life with God.

Our prayers can be short and quick "Help me, Lord!" or as long as we need them to be as we pour out our hearts to Him. They can be loud, or they can be a quiet space as we sit in the awareness of His Presence with us or wait on Him and listen. Sometimes we're aware of His Presence, sometimes we don't feel anything, either way we can be confident that He is with us, He cares about us and what we're going through, and He's listening.

Prayer Requests

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