Sadly, due to the ongoing global pandemic situation, the 7th annual Summer Event 2020 had to be cancelled.  But we hope and pray all will be well for 2021! 
*IF* guidelines change and enable us to host Fun on the Field Fridays this summer, we'll let you know, but as of right now, there are no plans to do so since mass gatherings are still not allowed and it would be difficult to social distance with kids and crafts. 

Summer Event 
is an annual week of fun, with games, crafts, face-painting and hanging out together, plus an evening barbecue and show.  It's mainly for children / families but everyone is welcome too.  Summer Event is typically then followed by...

Fun on the Field Fridays - families in the community getting together one day a week to organise activities for the children during the school holidays.

Community Beach Trip to Weston - usually toward the end of the summer holidays.  We hire a coach and go down in the morning together, then come back in the evening.  Everyone chips in for the cost of their seat on the coach.  Head off on your own for some time with your family, or spend the day with neighbours and friends - your choice.


For more pictures of past events, have a look here.