Past Events

Below is a taste of our community events.  These pictures are from a while ago now - in recent years we've all been too busy having fun to take photos, but the events are still similar!


Hint:  Click on a photo to enlarge it - then you can start a slideshow if you want.


Good Friday Hot Cross Buns - 15th April 2022

Hot Cross Buns, a space to relax and fun outdoors for the kids. We had an enjoyable time at The Sunshine Club on Crowle Drive with a bit of something for everyone. 

Pancake Party - 28th February 2017

Torrential rain didn't stop the pans from sizzling under the tent!  (At least we had sun for putting it up.)  Cook pancakes, eat pancakes, even pancake races in the few fine spells... and there was always the Sunshine Club if you felt like a sit down in the warm.

Summer Event - 25th - 29th July 2016

Sports, games, crafts, toddler corner, refreshments... and lots and lots of people enjoying each other's company.

Thursday evening barbecue - followed by a Magic Show from Tony Maidment - and Friends of Hay Green Summer Fair.

All went to make up a wonderful week!

(Note: pics are NOT in order!)

Easter Egg Hunt - 25th March 2016

Rain tomorrow, rain yesterday... but today, fine and sunny for our Easter Egg Treasure Hunt.  The crowds were gathering even before the start!  Over a hundred people, aged from 1 to 92, enjoyed refreshments, egg hunts, craft activities and each others' company.

Pancake Party - 9th February 2016

Easter's early this year... so Pancake Day was too!  That didn't stop us having a party, and cooking pancakes under the marquee!  Maybe more people stayed in the Sunshine Club than might have done...  but the only thing that didn't really happen was the races.  At least 60 people were there, and a good time was had by all.  Quotable quote: "This is like one big family party.  It's cool!".

Friday Fun on the Field - Fridays in the summer holidays 2015

Following on from the Summer Event, several families in the area got together with us to do more of the same kind of thing.  Smaller and more chilled but still fun and friendship - even if some people did get a bit carried away with the face paints...  We even managed to finish making the giant jenga!

Summer Event - 20th-24th July 2015

Put three big tents on the field, pull together a team from Brickworks (church and community) and two other local churches, and add lots of children and families from the local community, and what do you get?  Five days of fun and friendship.  The pictures tell it all - football (even in the rain - some people are crazy!), tile painting, mask making, face painting, napkin decoupage, frisbee, board games... you name it!

Then there was Thursday evening - when about 175 people gathered for a barbecue (including delicious samosas kindly provided by Ifthecar) and talent show, including jokes, plate spinning, poetry, singing, and dancing, rounded off with a mime.

Launch of Friends of Rufford Field - 18th April 2015

Lots of people have been talking about the need to do something with the field - whether it's play equipment for the children or making the bushes less of a hiding place / litter trap.  The council is supportive, but there just is no money - apart from grants from charities or companies!  But to get grant funding there has to be a Friends group.  And the first stage in forming a Friends group is a public meeting.

Now there are volunteers to form a committee, who can then get started for real.

Oh - and we did another litter pick!

Easter Egg Scramble - 3rd April 2015

Not quite such a beautiful day, but at least it stopped raining for long enough!  About 8 groups of youngsters accepted the Treasure Hunt challenge, followed the directions and kept their eyes open for what was hidden in the photos.  Well, OK, some guessed, which didn't go quite so well.  Meanwhile younger ones scrambled for egg tokens (to exchange for mini eggs) or played with balloon models, and all ages enjoyed hot or cold drinks, freshly made muffins and hot cross buns.  Oh, and let's not forget the egg-and-spoon races!

Pancake Party - 17th February 2015

About 80 people enjoyed beautiful early spring sunshine and good company, as well as lots of pancakes and the races.

New for this year: fresh pancakes, cooked in the open air!  Many people didn't just wait around for pancakes to arrive - they cooked their own!

The bar was raised on the races, too, as certain people were challenged to run backwards while tossing a pancake.  

Billy put his record of the event into a brilliant video.  You can watch it here (on Brickworks Facebook page - scroll down to 26th February).

Community Christmas - 17th and 18th December 2014

Sorry, no photos of this, but ...

... on the Wednesday evening a group of adults and children sang carols around New Farm estate...

... followed by Community Carols on Thursday evening at Rufford School.

Korean evening - 5th August 2014

'Is this really happening?'  That's what  lot of people said as they watched the Korean Fan Dance - here on Rufford Field.  But that was only one of the highlights of the show our friends from Busan put on.  Singing in English and Korean, a beautiful solo, a mime and Yanta drumming (on kitchen bins and water cooler bottles)... not forgetting the wonderful Korean food!

Loads of people came along and enjoyed the show, the food and just being community together.

Games - 4th and 5th August 2014

Why would 16 young adults from Busan (a small city in South Korea) use up most of their annual leave for the year to travel half-way round the world with a suitcase each and 17 boxes of equipment and craft supplies, to spend ten days sleeping on camp-beds and mattresses in a church hall?  To put on children's activities in Alum Rock and on Rufford Field, of course!  Why else?

Activities: face/arm painting, nail art, balloon modelling, ballon helicopters, rockets, a Korean game made from old magazines (never got the name of that one), fan painting, football, skipping, frisbee... have I remembered everything? Even pouring rain didn't stop the fun, courtesy of two marquees borrowed from CitC in Lakeside - and it didn't rain all the time!  Best of all, many people got to meet and get to know each other.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt - 18th April 2014

Not sure who had most fun - children or adults!

Little ones scrambled in the grass for tokens to get mini-eggs.  But the treasure hunt - that was something else.  Not only did the groups of daring youngsters have to find their way from (tbc)

Pancake Party - 4th March 2014

First outdoor event! Pancakes, people (lots), police (joining in, not moving us on)... also refreshments, races... atmosphere, balloons, community... and something for everyone.  Some sat indoors and chatted, some stood outside and chatted.  Most people ate some pancakes, and some people (especially younger ones) ate lots!

Community Carol Service - 18th December 2013

Our first event!  Not quite nine, but lots of traditional readings and carols.  Can't do candles in school, but that didn't stop Tom talking about light in the darkness.