Christmas quiz

Congratulations to Elizabeth, who was the only person to bring us a completed quiz!


Here are the answers:

1.       Why do we eat turkey at Christmas?

a)      The original St Nicholas (Santa Claus) lived in Turkey.

b)      Turkey became popular because they are cheaper to grow to the right size than geese or peacocks.

c)       Most people can find part of the turkey they like.

Answer: (b) The original St Nicholas did come from turkey, but turkeys don’t!  Turkeys originated in Mexico.

2.       According to legend, what did St Nicholas give secretly to three poor sisters, dropping it in to their house at night?

a)       Toys and food so they could have a proper Christmas.

b)      A Christmas tree and lots of decorations to cheer them up.

c)       Enough money so they didn’t have to be sold into slavery.

Answer: (c) St Nicholas went around finding people who needed help.

3.       When is Jesus’ birthday?

a)       6th January.

b)      25th December.

c)       Don’t know.

Answer: (c)  The Bible tells us nothing about what time of year it was, or what the weather was like.  You get ½ a point for (b), because that is when we celebrate his birthday.  But the first recorded time that happened was in AD 336, in the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine, the first Christian emperor.  The date might have been chosen because the winter solstice was already celebrated about then, or possibly because of a very early tradition that the date Mary was told about the baby was on 25th March – and nine months after that would be 25th December.

4.       Who came to see baby Jesus soon after he was born?

a)       His grandparents.

b)      Some shepherds.

c)       Lots of little children.

Bonus question: Why?_____________________________________________________________

Answer: (b) An angel appeared to some shepherds, and told them that the promised saviour, the Messiah, God himself, had been born in Bethlehem and been put in a manger.  So they went to see for themselves, and found it was exactly as the angels had told them.  You can read about it in the Bible – Luke chapter 2, starting at verse 8.

5.       Later, Wise Men from the East came to visit.  What did they give him?

a)       Gold, frankincense and myrrh.

b)      An iPad.

c)       A beautiful hand-knitted shawl, and lots of clothes and equipment.

Answer: (a) You can read about the wise men (“Magi”) in the Bible – Matthew chapter 2.  Gold, frankincense and myrrh were traditional things to give to a king, and they mau have had a particular significance for Jesus:  Gold is for a king, Frankincense for his role as a priest, and Myrrh, used for anointing dead bodies, to point towards his death on the cross.

6.       What did Jesus and his mother and step-father have to do soon after?

a)       Put the gifts in a safe-deposit box.

b)      Find a nice card to say thank-you to the Wise Men.

c)       Run away to Egypt as refugees.

Answer: (c) Because king Herod didn’t want another king to be born, he ordered all children under 2 in Bethlehem to be put to death.  But God warned Joseph in a dream, and the family were able to escape to Egypt as refugees.  You can read about this in the Bible – Matther chapter 2, starting at verse 13.

7.       Why was holly originally used to decorate homes at Christmas?

a)       It’s red and green and Christmassy.

b)      It reminded people of the crown of thorns that Jesus had to wear when he was crucified (prickles for the thorns, red berries for the drops of blood).

c)       Pets and other animals don’t eat it.

Answer: (b) The prickly leaves represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified. The berries are the drops of blood that were shed by Jesus because of the thorns.


If you want to find out more about these things, there’s a very helpful website: