Picture of Tom

Hello, I'm Tom Fish.  I grew up going to church regularly, once a year at Christmas. By the time I was 17 I'd convinced myself that Christianity was a load of rubbish, and I was a convinced atheist.

But God had other ideas, and while I was at uni he showed me clearly that he existed, that Jesus was who he claimed to be, and that if God had walked about on earth and said 'Follow me'... I'd better do just that!

After uni I worked for 30 years in industry, but always aiming to follow Jesus.  So when he led me away from my job, towards becoming a vicar, and then to Stambermill - well, here I am!

I'm Helen Fish - you've probably guessed that I'm Tom's wife!  We've been married over 30 years and have two children in their 20s.

We're a team.  Tom wears the collar and has the job - but I work alongside him at Brickworks.