Fred and Lacey have been working full time with us at Brickworks since the summer of 2018.

They both grew up in the USA – in New Jersey, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia.  They met in 1996, while Fred was at university, and married in the summer of 2000.  Before that, they'd both become Christians - and by the time they married they both felt called to mission work, probably in Europe.  But in God’s strange timing, it actually took 15 years before they got here.  They originally thought they were supposed to go to Germany, to teach at a school in the Black Forest.  Instead they ended up in the Black Country (at least they got the first word right!).

During those 15 years of waiting, their family had grown in size, so it was not just Fred and Lacey, but also Aubrie, Ruthie, Matthew, Andrew and Stephen who flew from Newark to Gatwick in March 2015.  For the first 3 years they worked with Church in the Community, Lakeside (the church that has kindly run the Thursday night barbecues at our summer event the few years).

When Lacey isn’t looking after the 6 kids (their youngest, David, was born here in November 2016), meeting people and doing other church stuff, she runs an online small business and keeps Fred organised (we’re not quite sure when she sleeps). Fred has more time to be out meeting people, although he’s also a hands-on dad, and likes to write and perform poetry.  You’ll sometimes come across him at open-mic evenings.

They live just off Caledonia – about 10 minutes’ walk at Fred’s speed – but if a suitable house comes up for rent they’d love to move onto the estate. You’ll be able to meet them at the Summer Event and at the Community Café on Tuesday mornings, and you’ll probably see them around at other times too.