At the heart of Brickworks is a growing church - a group of people who love God, love each other and love this local area.  We don't want to just 'go to church'  – we want to be the church in our community, encouraging people we know with God's good news of love and forgiveness offered to all the world through Christ. 


Brickworks aims to be a church family where everyone is loved and accepted whatever our faults and failures, and at the same time where we are all encouraging one another to keep growing and become more and more like Jesus. 

Our vision at Brickworks is to be church in our community. We do this through interdependent and multiplying "kilns" which meet in homes, community rooms and maybe even outdoors. We also do this through activities and events within the community for the community. 


We long to see the Rufford estate know of God's love and forgiveness with the church being an active and integral part of the community's make up.



To fulfil our heart and Vision here at Brickworks we take a variety of actions. We meet in a variety of small groups (kilns) at various different times to pray, share fellowship, read the bible and partake in the Lord's Supper. These groups take different shapes and forms to meet the vari diverse of those who live on the estate.


We also seek to take an active life within the community. We run a community cafe, hold a variety of community events and are always seeking for new ways to engage. 


All are welcome.  No one is too much of a mess for God to heal if you come to Him with a humble heart that wants His change in your life.