What is Brickworks? 

At the heart of Brickworks is a growing church - a group of people who love God, love each other and love this local area.  We gather as church on various days of the week for prayer, Bible study, breaking bread and fellowship, and throughout the week we watch for ways to serve people with God's love in our homes, streets, schools, workplaces, marketplaces and online.  We don't want to just 'go to church'  – we want to be the church in our community, encouraging people we know with God's good news of love and forgiveness offered to all the world through Christ. 

But Brickworks is in many ways more than a church.  Brickworks isn’t here just for the people who come to church gatherings.  It’s for the whole community.  That’s why we run community events – like the Pancake Party, an Easter Egg hunt and Summer Event.  And that’s also the reason for our weekly Community Cafe.  It's why some of us were part of starting Friends of Rufford Field, and it’s why we do all we can to support our local school.


In some ways you might think it’s less than a church as well.  We don’t have a church building – so there are no bells, no churchyard, no pews, no stained glass windows.  Nor do we have long-established traditions. No-one can say, "We’ve always done it this way!” – because it’s new to all of us.  We are simply committed to living out all that Jesus taught His disciples - loving God, loving neighbours as ourselves, and loving even enemies.  And we gather much like the early church did - in homes, on the fields and out and about. 

All are welcome.  No one is too much of a mess for God to heal if you come to Him with a humble heart that wants His change in your life.  God loves us all as we are, but also loves us all too much to leave us as we are.  As people who are forever grateful to God for forgiving us all the things we've done wrong, and who are committed to loving and forgiving others as God has loved and forgiven us in Christ, Brickworks aims to be a church family where everyone is loved and accepted whatever our faults and failures, and at the same time where we are all encouraging one another to keep growing and become more and more like Jesus.