"If I lose my health I've got nothing left": the danger of relying on your health - and the alternative.

It's a common feeling, isn't it? If your body starts to fail, what can you do?

But it’s also a dangerous place to be.  Failing health comes to nearly all of us.  If being happy depends on being healthy you’ll probably end up miserable.

But is there an alternative?  Looking on the bright side, making the most of each day, may feel like a good start.  But it still depends on you.  When your emotional strength fails as well  as your physical the crash will be even harder.

One of the authors of the Bible, St Paul, writes that he’d found the secret “…of being content in any and every situation…”.  What was it? “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” 

He’d had a life-changing encounter with someone who’d been through far more pain than he ever would: Jesus Christ.  And he’d learnt that he could depend on him even when the going – and even the pain – got

really tough.  It wasn’t a matter of denying the pain, but of facing it with someone who really understands. 

If you’d like to find out more and you’ve got a Bible, read Psalm 13, or Psalm 22.  If you haven’t got a Bible you can find them on our website.  Or drop in for a chat.  I’d love to show you how because Jesus was

forsaken, you won’t be forsaken in your distress.

Tom Fish

 This article first appeared in Issue 4 of The Rufford Brick, September 2014

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