Not just for Christians: we're aiming to build community for everyone.

As we hope we’ve made it clear from the start, we are committed Christians.  But we know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Photo: Brian Malcolm (via Flickr)
Photo: Brian Malcolm (via Flickr)

Some of you have told us you’re atheists, others that you’re Muslim.  Many of you aren’t too concerned about questions of faith.

So we wanted to make clear that all our activities are open to everyone, regardless of faith.  Some – like our Sunday services – have a Christian focus, others, like the Pancake Party, will be just for fun.  But absolutely all of them are open to everyone.  We’re committed to trying to build community here for everyone’s benefit, not just for people like us.

It’s ok to disagree with us!

If you disagree with us and want to talk about it, I’m open to that too.  I really appreciated a vicar who once invited me to tell him why I thought he was talking rubbish.  If you feel like that I’m up for a pint in the Hadcroft - or a cup of tea at your place or mine.

And do tell us too if you’ve got any views on the activities we’re running.  We know a few people were concerned about having young people at the Sunshine Club, so I talked to the organisers and spent a couple of Friday evenings myself walking around making sure that the young people weren’t making a nuisance of themselves. 

The most important thing is that we listen.  Jesus’s own natural brother James said: “Everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak.” (James 1:19)  We’ll do our level best to follow his advice.

Tom Fish

This article first appeared in Issue 3 of The Rufford Brick, June 2014



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