From the inside out: the best way to be true to yourself is to live for others

Why are you doing this?  It’s a question people ask us from time to time.  Are you some sort of religious sect? 

Photo: Leonard John Matthews
Photo: Leonard John Matthews

Well, we hope not! We’re just Christians, from all sorts of different church backgrounds , who want to work together to be a blessing to the community we live in.

At heart, it’s because God has changed something inside us.  Each of us used to be focused in on ourselves – on our ambitions, our family, our home, or even our problems.  But as we came to see what Jesus had done for us, that started to change.  We discovered that the best way to be true to yourself is not to give yourself all the things you like, but to give things away and live for other people.  The more we love
others, the more we discover how much Jesus has loved us.  The more we discover Jesus’s love for us, the more we want to care for others.  And so it goes on.  As the song says, “love is something if you give it away… you end up having more”.

So all we want to do is to share that love with you, our neighbours.  We hope it will spread and make a
difference to the neighbourhood.  We’ll be delighted if you discover that source of love yourselves.  But even if you don’t we hope you’ll enjoy some of the things we do.

This article first appeared in Issue 1 of The Rufford Brick, February 2014

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