Welcome to Brickworks!

Hi.  I’m Tom Fish and I’d like to welcome you to the Brickworks website. 

Brickworks is hard to describe.  Is it a church – or is it a community organisation?  You could say it’s a church that exists in and for this local community.  Or you could say it’s a community organisation with a church at its core. 

In the community, we’ve run events ranging from Pancake Parties to Litter Picks. You can see some of them here.  The Summer Event – 5 days of games and activities for young people, with a barbecue and show for everyone on the Thursday night – saw over 200 people enjoy being out on Rufford Field together.  We’re involved in setting up a “Friends of Rufford Field” group, and are keen to support any other initiatives that build community in the area.


As a church, we’ve been meeting regularly on Sundays since September 2014.  In the morning we have a simple informal service – either at the school or the Sunshine Club, or sometimes outdoors (see calendar for where we are each week).  Most Sunday afternoons we have a very lively, hands-on gathering we call Messy - it’s mainly aimed at families and people aged 10-14, but don't let that stop you.

Anyway, I hope you’ll find the information you need while you’re here on the website – do get in touch if not.  But more than that, if you live in the Rufford and Stambermill area – between Lye and Stourbridge – I hope you’ll consider getting involved in Brickworks.