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Welcome to Brickworks!

Hello!  The team here at Brickworks welcomes you to our website.  Brickworks is a church (people who love Jesus, love each other and love our community) that exists in and for this local community.  Or put another way, it’s like a community organisation with a church at its core. 

During the ongoing pandemic situation, our community events have sadly had to be cancelled, including weekly Community Cafe and the annual Summer Event on the field.  Our church gatherings are now happening again, but in 'mini-kilns' of up to six people and outside, as per the government guidelines.  If you'd like to come to a gathering, please contact us for current days, times, and locations.   


In the community, we’ve run events ranging from Pancake Parties to Litter Picks. You can see pictures from some of the past events here.  The annual Summer Event – 5 days of games and activities for young people, with a barbecue and show for everyone on the Thursday night – regularly sees over 100 people enjoying being out on Rufford Field together.  Whenever we can, we’re always keen to support and work alongside other initiatives that help build community in the area.


As a church, we began meeting regularly on Sundays in September 2014, and since autumn 2018 we’ve developed a structure based on smaller church gatherings of roughly 10-15 people, which we call Kilns (named after the places bricks are made).  Sundays at 11am there’s a gathering at the Sunshine Club on Crowle Drive DY9 7NY, then there’s Taste that gathers in a local house (address changes at times), designed primarily with families of primary school aged children in mind.  Plus there are other Kilns gathering on other days throughout the week.  From time to time we also have Celebrations, where as many as possible of us all come together from the different Kilns to share and celebrate what God’s been doing.  Click here to find out more.  


We hope you’ll find the information you need while you’re here on the website – do get in touch if not.  But more than that, if you live in the Rufford and Stambermill area – between Lye and Stourbridge – we hope you’ll consider getting involved.